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What Services Do You Get from an In Home Health Care Provider?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

It’s not being pessimistic to accept that we, as humans, are not immune to diseases, and life is pretty unpredictable. Therefore, they may come a time when, no matter how careful you are, you may face some health complications. Such situations can be tough on all the spheres of one’s life- mental, emotional, financial, etc. So, it makes sense to seek resources that can help you through these time. One of these resources can include opting for the service of in-home health care.

home health care

Get the Best Physical Therapy You Can!

What’s wrong with accepting that you need a little help, especially regarding your or your loved ones’ health? Furthermore, if you can get the right treatment from the convenience of your home while balancing your finances, that’s much better, isn’t it? Therefore, what kind of services does A Plus Care LA provide to you?

A Plus Care LA provides multiple services:

In-Home Health Care Services

Getting sick again and again can actually be tiring for both the body and the mind of a person. Even more tiring is running to the hospital. Thus, we provide you in home health care services to help you live a better life. These service include three types of therapies besides nursing, namely, physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Physical Therapy- These are specifically for the patients who are housebound, like the ones who had recent surgeries, conditions that deter them from leaving their household, were recently hospitalized, etc.

Occupational Therapy- This is the kind of therapy specially designed to help people to perform their daily activities better. These may include writing, self-feeding, balance training, etc.

Speech Therapy- As the name suggests, this kind of therapy refers to people's communication, cognitive, speech, and swallowing disorders. The sessions would help the patients try and regain their highest functioning levels.

Outpatient therapy

The journey to and from outpatient clinics can be hectic, and trust us, we clearly understand that. Thus, A Plus Care LA also provides mobile outpatient therapy that seeks to prevent this from happening. At A Plus Care, outpatient therapy comes to you! Therefore, two types of therapies fall under this service as well.

Physical Therapy- Some conditions for which this could be an option include senior care, back and neck pain, sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, etc.

Occupational Therapy- Occupational therapy helps the patients attain a better version of their daily functioning with each session. These daily life functions include tendonitis, scar management, Dexterity, ADL training, etc.

Let A Plus Care LA Support Your Health!

Medical bills can create undefinable pressure on both your mental health and financial conditions. Luckily, at A Plus Care, most patient’s with Traditional Medicare will have their visits covered 100% by their insurance. This is why in home health care might actually be a wise decision to opt for. If you have additional questions, A Plus Care LA can help you decide on the best option for you or your loved one. We understand the true value loving care. This is why we provide one-on-one treatments for swifter treatments and accept Medicare. Trust us; we see you as our family to be taken care of!

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