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A Plus Care Tip of the Day

Our goal is to help you move and feel your best! Here, you will find tips for some common mobility issues we see.


Welcome to A Plus Care

Dr. Karen & Dr. Desiree share the mission, vision, and motivation behind  A Plus Care.


At-Home Standing Exercises

In this video, Drs. Desiree & Karen will take you through a quick, simple, and safe standing exercise program that is the perfect way to warm up your muscles, increase blood supply to your joints, and maintain your mobility. 

These exercises can be performed every day, and even multiple times a day to supplement your therapy or to maintain your independence at home.


At-Home Seated Exercises

If you or your loved one does not feel safe performing Standing Exercises without supervision, this is the perfect video for you! 

In this video, our Doctors of Physical Therapy will take you through a short series of easy and SAFE exercises to increase blood flow to your joints (which can help with arthritis pain), maintain the range of motion in your joints, and warm up your muscles!


Safe Transfers

Follow along with our Licensed Physical Therapists to learn safe, pain-free ways to assist your clients or loved ones with performing transfers. Our experienced care providers will step you through how to protect your back while performing sit-to-stand transfers, chair-to-chair transfers, and bed transfers.

Do You Have a Balance Problem?

Have you been wondering if your balance is declining? Do you find yourself tripping more often? Are you beginning to develop a fear of falling?


If you have been wondering whether you or a loved one may have a balance problem, here's a series of simple tests you can try to see if you may benefit from further treatment.


Our therapists are skilled at treating Balance Disorders and can help you to improve your performance and overall confidence!


Prevent Back Pain with these Safe Lifting Techniques

In this video, Dr. Desiree, DPT, will teach you the principles of Body Mechanics. Applying these basic, yet effective principles will help you prevent back pain and injury.

Stretch out your Lower Body

In this video, Drs. Desiree & Karen will take you through the best stretch stretches for your legs and hips. Most of us spend way too much time sitting in a car or at an office desk. If you're one of those people, these stretches are exactly what you need to maintain the mobility you need to stay pain-free and injury-free!


Get Rid of Nerve Pain with A Plus Care Mobile Therapy

Are you feeling pins and needles in your hands and feet?  You might be suffering from nerve pain.

In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree will teach you techniques to address the nagging numbness and tingling you're experiencing.

Ditch your Back Brace & Learn to Properly Strengthen Your Core

In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree will teach you how to engage and strengthen one of your most important core muscles, your transversus abdominis. This muscle is typically neglected during a typical 'ab' workout, but can make a huge difference for lifelong health and mobility. When properly strengthened, your transverses abdominis acts as as a natural back brace and helps protect you from back injury.


Exercises to Treat and/or Prevent Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injury

Do your shoulders need a little love? Shoulder and Rotator Cuff injuries are among the most common injuries we see as physical therapists. If your shoulder motion is limited, your shoulder muscles are feeling weak, or you are starting to feel pain, clicking, etc., these exercises may be a good place to start (ONLY IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PERFORM THEM PAIN-FREE)!

Glute Strengthening

You probably have no idea just how important strong glutes are to help you move through the world as easily and pain-free as possible. In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree will teach you how to engage and strengthen your glutes. Having strong glutes can be essential to maintaining good balance and reducing both hip and knee pain.


Calf Stretches

If you’re starting a new cardio exercise routine in the New Year, chances are you’ll run into some calf tightness or soreness along the way. In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree will teach you how to stretch both calf muscles to keep you moving and feeling your best.


Ergonomic Desk Setup

If you’re like most adults, you spend more time than you’d like to admit sitting at a desk.  In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree will teach you how to best set up your work environment to prevent future back pain, neck pain, or postural issues. 


Low Back Stretches

Did you know that nearly 3 out of 10 US adults suffer from chronic low back pain?  In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree will show you some gentle stretches to help ease and/or prevent you low back pain. 


Proper Squat Technique

Squats are a great low body exercises to keep your legs strong and your body mobile.  In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree explain proper squat technique to help ensure you remain injury-free on your journey to a stronger body.


Seated Stretches

Did you know that in a typical work week, people spend an average of nearly 6 hours sitting at their desk?  In this video, Drs. Karen & Desiree demonstrate some easy exercises you can perform in sitting—and even at your desk at work—to keep your body moving while maintaining your productivity. 


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