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Our Premium Therapy Services For Your Loved Ones

We provide excellent and committed in-home healthcare, to include mobile outpatient physical therapy, mobile outpatient occupational therapy, and home health care to offer easy health maintenance for your loved ones. We are a licensed health care agency providing home health and outpatient therapy. 


Our in-home physical therapy treatment or in-home occupational therapy treatment includes regular, one-on-one sessions within the comfort of your home. Our Home health services expand our offerings to include nursing and speech therapy. We are here to improve your movement potential, help you to live a pain-free life, and improve your safety and quality of life.


Outpatient Therapy

Have you found that visiting an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic or occupational therapy clinic for weekly appointments is sometimes troublesome? At A Plus Care, we provide customized, unique, and one-on-one outpatient physical therapy treatment services and occupational therapy treatment services from the comfort of your home or office. Our outpatient physical therapists are adaptable and equipped with the knowledge to offer various methods in their therapy treatment to assist you with your illness, injury, or deficit. We also provide occupational therapy treatment to help people learn to better manage their permanent or temporary disabilities. Our therapy services also teach patients how to address everyday tasks and other day-to-day activities. We offer premium occupational therapy for elderly services to assist your loved ones in living healthier and more independent lives.


Home Health Agency

Our home health agency's services are reserved for patients who are considered homebound. Through our home health agency, A Plus Care provides in-home health care service to patients who want their treatment to be done in their home or cannot manage to go to clinics for routine appointments. While we can provide our Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services without a referral from a doctor, our Home Health Care services require a doctor's referral and a certification from your doctor that you are homebound. Through our Home Health Agency, our nursing staff, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists can help people confined to bed with severe illnesses or with severely restricted mobility who are unable to safely leave their homes. Our licensed and trusted therapists and nurses help you heal quickly and restore your health. We strive to help you regain your utmost health, mobility, and independence in completing your everyday tasks.


Your Health Starts Here

Let Us Help You Move & Feel Better!

Let Us Help You Move and Feel Better!

Get in touch with A Plus Care to restore your health with fast recovery! Our mobile outpatient physical therapy/occupational therapy clinic and home health agency has professional and expert clinicians to offer you the highest level of health care. Let us help you improve your health today!

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12100 Wilshire Blvd STE 800, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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