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Physical Therapy


What Physical Therapy Services Does A Plus Care Offer?

While traditionally outpatient physical therapy is performed in a clinic, for many it's beneficial for people to get their physical therapy treatment done at home. Navigating to and from weekly appointments can be a burden for many. That's why A Plus Care brings the clinic to you! We offer services suitable for homebound patients or those who may be unable to travel to weekly appointments outside their homes. Our services are remarkably suited for patients who have been recently hospitalized or have gone through any surgery. Let's have a look at our offered physical therapy clinic services! 


  • physical therapy for knee pain

  • Acute Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Post-Hospitalization Rehabilitation

  • Safety with Home and Community Mobility

  • Inability to Safely Leave Home Independently

  • physical therapy for neck pain

  • Arthritis (Bone-on-Bone)

  • Muscle Weakness

  • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

  • Postural Training

  • Prehab/Rehab for Joint Replacement Surgery

  • physical therapy for lower back pain

  • Poor Endurance Related to Kidney Failure/Dialysis or Cancer

A Plus Care In-Home Physical Therapy

The main purpose of physical therapy is to enhance people's mobility, strength, and functional abilities. The time comes when medical issues or health-related problems occur and create limitations to daily life movements and activities. Patients with severe physical impairments often find it difficult or impossible to leave home and attend regular physical therapy treatments, so why not bring the clinic to their home? A Plus Care is committed to providing patients with exceptional physical therapy treatment and care within the comfort of their own home. Our in-home therapy is here to enhance your movement patterns, allowing you to live a pain-free, movement-filled life.


Why Choose A Plus Care Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

A Plus Care physical therapy services are designed to promote excellent mobility and enhance body functionality after a severe surgery or any major health issues. We have expert and experienced physical therapy specialists who take pride in delivering personalized care and facilitating an improved quality of life. We understand how tough it is to travel to clinics for your regular appointments, so we have removed the fuss by delivering care where you are most comfortable-at home! Our core motive is to treat our patients with exemplary care to regain their optimal mobility.

Get In Touch With A Plus Care Mobile Physical Therapy!

Get your health back on track with our comfortable, affordable, and professional in-home occupational and physical therapy services and care treatments. Our experienced therapists work with each patient to help improve their ability to perform their everyday needs. If you're comfortable getting your physical therapy treatment at home and tired of searching for reliable assistance, contact A Plus Care LA. Allow us to help you move and feel better!

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