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Physical Therapy Exercises For Improving Balance And Coordination

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Imbalance can result in unwanted outcomes, including injury, loss of independence, and decreased ability to do minor daily chores. The best physical therapy in Beverly Hills recommends balance training exercises that strengthen core muscles and improve stability, making you feel lighter on your feet and avoid the risk of falling. A physical therapist can evaluate your balance and recommend appropriate exercises tailored to your specific needs and goals that can be performed safely at home. Physical therapy exercises can help anyone at any age.

Physical Therapy

Exercises For Regaining Body Balance

For those looking to learn how to improve their balance, a physical therapist recommends these simple exercises that one can efficiently perform at home. To know more about them, continue reading this blog.

1. Tandem Balance

It is a simple yet effective in-home healthcare exercise for improving body balance. Just place one foot in front of another as if standing on a narrow beam and hold the position for 30 seconds before switching the foot position. Those facing issues while maintaining balance during walking can start with this simple exercise. If you find this exercise challenging, perform the exercises in a narrow doorway or corner of the room so you are able to catch yourself if you begin to fall.

2. Side-Stepping

The key to this exercise is keeping your hips pointing in the same direction throughout. To do this exercise, slightly bend your legs, so your knees aren’t locked. Then slowly lift one leg up and out to the side, as if your stepping sideways along a balance beam.

3. Weight Shifts

This exercise is quite self-explanatory from its name, and it simply means shifting your body weight to one side and holding the position for moments. It is one of the foundational exercises that aims to help you maintain your posture and center of gravity even if your body shifts.

4. One-Legged Stand

This is one of the beginner exercises to build stability recommended by experts skilled at offering the best physical therapy in Beverly Hills. This exercise works great in strengthening the ankles and calf muscles. All these muscles work together with the rest of the body's systems to support and strengthen the body's balance.

5. Knee Curl

This exercise is the next level of a one-legged stand. It is a great exercise to build muscles in your legs, including the calves, thighs, and shins.

6. Toe Stands

This drill exercise suggested by experts of in home health care in Beverly hills is known by different names such as 'calf raises' or 'heel raises' and is effective in maintaining balance. To perform this exercise, simply stand with your feet shoulder-apart and raise up on your toes. Hold this posture for 20 seconds and then relax.

7. Standing Marches

This exercise is great for those trying to build strength. For doing this exercise, stand with your legs hip-width apart and then slowly lift your legs up as high as possible without leaning on anything. Hold it for a few seconds, bring it to the starting position, and then repeat the procedure with the other leg.

Make Improvements In Your Body With Physical Therapy!

Balance disorders can feel unsurmountable, especially when going about life alone. Thus, maintaining body balance is a necessity for leading a quality life. A Plus Care LA is a certified healthcare provider and provides the best physical therapy in Beverly Hills sessions by licensed therapists that support your body balance training and strengthening. Contact us to get assistance from physical therapists and occupational therapists for regaining and improving body balance and coordination.

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