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How Can Physical Therapy Relieve Your Herniated Disc Pain?

Updated: Feb 12

If you or your loved one often suffers from severe lower back pain or have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you might be tired of searching for the optimum recovery options. Moreover, the tingling numbness you feel might cause unwanted weakness and the inability to lift or hold your everyday essentials. The pressing pain caused by slipped discs might sometimes become too hard to handle and require immediate medical assistance from professionals.

Your physician will likely recommend that you find the best physical therapy to heal from the excruciating pain caused by a herniated disc or other spinal disorders. If you are still not convinced, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about herniated discs and how physical therapy can help promote their healing.

Physical Therapy Relieve

What Causes A Herniated Disc?

Have you ever heard about disc degeneration? Disc degeneration is a result from the everyday wear and tear caused by age, and individuals are more prone to suffer from a herniated disk as they age. Since the spinal discs’ flexibility decrease with time, even a minor twist, strain, sudden trauma, or long-term spinal pressure can worsen the pain in your lower back and cause an unwanted herniated disc.

Other causes can be an unprecedented use of back muscles for lifting heavy weights or repetitive bending and twisting sideways. Avoid frequent long drives, exercising with heavy weights beyond your capabilities, and severe smoking to prevent increasing complications.

How Can Physical Therapists Help?

If you are tired of searching for the top ways to get pain relief from herniated disc-related issues, consider investing in physical therapy services. Besides helping your body relax and heal with the help of passive treatments, it also assists in preventing risks of further injury with active treatments. Avoid going for surgery and invest in a physical therapy program that best suits your needs.

Our professional physical therapists at A Plus Care LA, are always here to help patients with herniated discs reduce pain and inflammation, regain bone density ad muscular strength, and get back to performing everyday activities pain-free. Besides offering hands-on care and helping you through prescribed movement, our experts are committed to boosting your quality of life with personalized physical therapy programs.

Physical Therapy Techniques For Herniated Disc Recovery

To achieve the right balance of strength, coordination, and stretching in your spinal column and reduce the risk of suffering from a herniated disc, consider planning a consultation with the best physical therapy expert. If you are still unsure how the in-clinic treatments or the personalized home programs by physical therapists can help treat your herniated disc, continue reading the top techniques below.

1. Daily Living or Work Assessment

Most individuals get so busy with their hectic work schedules and daily life that they stop paying attention to muscle movements and posture. Gradually, such ignorance often leads to spinal issues, disorders and herniated discs. In this case, skilled physical therapists help offer awareness about your poor posture habits and exacerbating daily living and work patterns. Our physical therapists can offer you an ergonomic assessment to reduce the severe pain caused by herniated discs.

2. Assessment Of Your Pain Beliefs

Mindset is everything, and so often individuals with chronic pain have a hard time looking on the brighter side and adopting the belief that they can recover from their spinal disorder. Moreover, some even think there is no means to end their chronic pain and recover from their diseases. Physical therapists suggest you stay positive and manage your stress and unwanted anxiety accordingly. Our physical therapists can help you fuel your healing through instilling positive thoughts and can help you recover with a personalized physical therapy recovery program.

3. Spinal Traction

Have you heard about mechanical and manual spinal traction methods for improving posture and reducing back, cervical, and spinal pain? If yes, you may question whether it is helpful for your case. Consider getting in touch with our best physical therapy specialist to see if gentle traction can help you experience relief from your unwanted pain.

How Hiring Our Physical Therapists Can Help You?

Tired of feeling the acute pain caused by disc herniation? Visit our best physical therapy experts and forget about the unwanted anxiety due to back and cervical pain. Our team of physical therapists at A Plus Care LA have years of experience delivering patients the utmost care and helping them maximize their quality of life. Say goodbye to severe shooting pain, poor strength, coordination, and spine pain with our specialized physical therapy recovery plans. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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