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Don't Miss Out! Get the Best Physical Therapy Beverly Hills

Updated: Apr 4

Do you need the best physical therapy Beverly hills but have difficulty attending appointments outside your home? You're not alone. Many people face mobility issues due to recent surgery recovery or other health conditions that make regular clinic visits challenging. The good news is you don't have to choose between skipping vital treatment or forcing yourself out when you're not feeling up to it. Welcome to the world of in-home physical therapy!


What Is In-Home Physical Therapy?


In-home physical therapy brings all the benefits of a clinic appointment right to your living room. Our licensed physical therapists come directly to you so you can receive individualized assessment, treatment, and exercise guidance without leaving your house. We specialize in working with people who:


·         Are you recovering from surgery like hip/knee replacement or spinal procedures

·         Have chronic conditions affecting mobility like arthritis or Parkinson's disease

·         Are bedbound or have limited mobility due to illness or injury

·         Need rehabilitation and mobility help after hospitalization


In-home therapy offers personalized attention tailored to your unique needs and goals. We'll provide hands-on assistance with things like:


1.    Gentle joint range of motion exercises

2.    Muscle strengthening activities

3.    Balance and coordination training

4.    Advice on using assistive walking devices

5.    Functional training for daily tasks like dressing, bathing, and chores

6.    Home safety evaluations and modifications

7.    By choosing in-home care, you can take control over your health in the environment you feel most comfortable in —your own home.


Who Can Benefit from At-Home PT?


In-home physical therapy serves anyone who struggles getting to regular clinical visits, whether due to limited mobility, recovery status, lack of transportation, or other complicating health factors. Those who especially stand to benefit include:


Recent Surgery Patients

Recovering after surgery often involves movement limitations that make getting yourself to appointments difficult or inadvisable. Our therapists will come to you during this critical post-op period to ensure you heal properly. We'll provide incision care education, guide your mobility progression, give scar management and swelling reduction techniques, and help you rebuild strength.


Chronic Condition Sufferers

Living with longtime mobility-limiting diseases like severe arthritis, Parkinson's, MS, and COPD means facing painful flare-ups. On bad days, just getting out the door seems impossible. We understand and will monitor your symptoms to adjust treatments accordingly. Consistency is key when managing chronic diseases, and we aim to provide that continuity even when leaving isn't an option.


Elderly Individuals

As we age, getting around often becomes more challenging. Reduced mobility from conditions like osteoporosis plus other effects of ageing can hamper independence. In-home therapy sustains movement ability to support daily function and quality of life - without forcing uncomfortable commutes. We want to see you thriving day-to-day in your home.


Post-Hospitalization Patients


A hospital stay often results in deconditioning and weakness. Transitioning home safely while regaining strength and mobility requires comprehensive support. Our therapists will tailor a rehab plan to help you readjust to home life. We'll also offer home safety and fall prevention guidance to boost confidence.


Injury Victims

Sprains, strains, fractures, and other traumatic injuries understandably limit movement - not to mention motivation! Healing while regaining flexibility and strength is vital. We'll come to you so your recovery won't get derailed. Protecting healing tissues while restoring optimal function is our speciality.


What Are the Benefits of mobile occupational therapy?

Beyond sheer convenience, in-home physical therapy offers many advantages:


Personalized Attention


One-on-one treatment in your private environment often proves more productive as we tune into your unique needs. We also get a first-hand look at your home setup to advise adjustments that support safety and independence.


Enhanced Comfort


Treating yourself on your own turf with familiar surroundings, your custom chair, trusted pets nearby, and your favourite music playing builds confidence. Comfort fuels progress as you tackle challenges free from added anxiety.


Modified Treatment Options

If you still need to get ready for certain activities, no problem! We carry a range of portable equipment and can get creative adapting exercises by using your furniture, walls, etc. Your program progresses at the right pace for your situation and comfort level.



In-home care means one less reason to skip valuable rehab. Appointment barriers like arranging transportation or difficult weather become non-issues when regular attendance is supported. We want to see you improving and staying strong without missed visits.


Take Your Health into Your Own Hands


If injuries, illness, or mobility issues keep you homebound or limit your independence, outpatient physical therapy Hollywood can provide solutions directly to you. You can regain strength, balance, flexibility, and function while boosting safety and confidence so that you can fully participate in daily life. 



At A Plus Care, our goal is to deliver the highest quality in-home physical therapy care directly to those who need it most. As an Accreditation Commission for Health Care accredited provider, we hold ourselves to stringent standards when it comes to service, integrity, and clinical excellence. Our team of licensed physical therapists and occupational therapists brings compassionate, personalized care right to you so that mobility limitations or health conditions never obstruct your access to vital treatment.


We understand the frustrations of skipped therapy appointments and want to eliminate the barriers keeping you from achieving your health goals. Our in-home sessions offer convenience, consistency, comfort, and customized therapy, honing in on your unique needs. Regain strength, balance, and flexibility and take charge of your well-being from the familiarity of home. Contact A Plus Care at (323) 918-5505 or visit to discover how in-home physical therapy can help you thrive in daily life once more.

We look forward to serving you on your renewed mobility and independence journey.

Why leave your progress to chance?

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