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A Plus Care LA Outpatient And In-Home Therapy In Hollywood

Now you don't have to travel long distances or risk your health when you are already suffering from an injury. Our in-home outpatient therapy in Hollywood will aid you in healing from your injury, illness, surgery, or other mobility issue. Now, you can recover and regain independence faster with our one-on-one in-home outpatient physical and occupational therapy. A Plus Care Mobile Therapy can help you or your loved one overcome your health concerns and restore the ability to live independently and perform daily activities..

Our In-Home Therapy Services In Hollywood

Outpatient Therapy


When you are already suffering, you don't want to drive and or sit in long traffic jams. A Plus Care LA provides occupational therapy sessions and one-on-one outpatient therapy in Hollywood. We provide therapy sessions from the convenience of your home or workplace with the expertise you would expect when visiting a clinic. Our outpatient therapists hold the knowledge to combine various techniques to help you with various physical health concerns.


Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy Treatment in Hollywood


Our Mobile Outpatient Physical therapy treatment in Hollywood is perfect for you if you or your loved ones are homebound due to a long illness, injury, or another health issue. Even if you just have difficulty adhering to clinic appointments or your busy schedule doesn't allow you to visit clinics, you can take advantage of our expert services. Our therapists can treat patients with many conditions, such as recovering from a severe surgical procedure to those with balance deficits or a new medical diagnosis.



We never compromise the quality of our services, and our in-home physical therapy care and treatment provide the same care you would get at an outpatient therapy clinic. All of our treatments are provided one-on-one, ensuring you always have your therapist's full attention. Our certified, qualified physical therapists can help you improve your physical movement. Our outpatient physical therapy in Hollywood services aim to optimize your movement potential and functionality, relieve chronic or acute pain, and help you follow a better lifestyle.


Our Mobile Outpatient physical therapy clinic in Hollywood can:

● Help patients with acute post-surgical rehabilitation

● Improve safety with home and community mobility

● Enhance the ability to leave home independently and safely

● Relieve Arthritis (Bone-on-Bone)

● Treat poor endurance related to kidney failure/dialysis or cancer

● Provide assistive device training

● Help in prehab/rehab for joint replacement

● Help with home oxygen management and safety

● Assist in post-hospitalization rehabilitation

● Ease pain in the knee, back, shoulder, neck, and ankles

● Manage Balance Disorders/Fall Prevention

● And more


Mobile Outpatient Occupational Therapy In Hollywood

Our professional outpatient mobile occupational therapy for the elderly in Hollywood is perfect for those who are homebound and have difficulty commuting to weekly appointments. If you have an illness or injury that prevents you from driving or are too busy to visit the clinic, then our occupational therapy is appropriate for you. If you are seeking ways to better perform your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or are in the recovery phase from a surgical procedure or health event, we can help you.


Our outpatient occupational therapists specialize in maximizing independence with everyday life activities. If you are troubled by daily activities like dressing or preparing meals, our occupational therapists can offer tips and suggestions to work independently—our customized treatment plan to help you regain your independence with those tasks.


Here are some of the areas in which our mobile outpatient occupational therapists can assist you:


● Getting In/Out Tub, Toilet, and Bed Safely and Independently

● Dressing up

● Activities of Daily Living training

● Fine Motor Control/Dexterity

● Home/Work Modifications for flexibility

● Home Safety Inspection to avoid any mishap

● Writing

● Mobility Improvement

● Self-Feeding

● Strength & Balance Training

● Improved Sleep

● Caregiver Training/Education

● And much more.

Plus, Care LA's occupational therapy for the elderly in Hollywood can help you or your loved one improve function and independence in their daily lives.

Move And Feel Better With Us!

If you seek help to strengthen weak muscles, improve posture or increase strength, our outpatient physical and occupational therapy in Hollywood can help you. Let A Plus Care LA help restore your optimum health with our reliable in-home occupational and physical therapy treatment in Hollywood. Our therapists offer the highest level of care to help patients achieve their goals. Call for more information about our mobile outpatient physical therapy clinic in Hollywood or mobile occupational therapy clinic in Hollywood.


Regain your lost strength with us. Let A Plus Care LA restore your strength with the health care therapy sessions. Hurry and book your physical therapy treatment session in Hollywood or occupational therapy treatment session in Hollywood today!

Get In Touch With Us For Effective Therapy Sessions!

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