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5 Major Factors Affecting the Duration Of Your Outpatient Therapy

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

One of the essential benefits of mobile outpatient therapy services is you will remain in the comfort of your own home while participating in an outpatient therapy program. However, you may require therapist visits over several weeks or months. Outpatient therapy programs typically include either physical therapy or occupational therapy, and sometimes a patient may benefit from both. Additionally, a course of treatment with a counselor, dietitian, or other rehabilitation specialists may also be included in some outpatient therapy programs.

Your outpatient therapy program will often start with an evaluation of your overall treatment needs. The therapist will then prepare a treatment plan, specific to you, that may include lifestyle modifications or dietary changes.

Outpatient Therapy

Things That Determine How Long Outpatient Therapy Will Take To Work

You can recover from your sickness, surgery, or injury with the help of outpatient therapy, which is incredibly successful. However, the effectiveness of mobile occupational therapy or any physical therapy depends upon some factors discussed below.

1. Age Of The Patient

Undoubtedly ,age affects every aspect of human health. Be it hearing ability or recovery from surgery, our ability to resume our health decreases as we age. However, a healthy lifestyle can improve your immunity and ability to heal faster. With effective therapy, the patient can start performing everyday tasks independently, such as getting dressed and bathing, but only with the commitment and self-motivation of the patient.

2. Severity Of Illness

If the patient has combined illness—often known as comorbidities—their recovery rate might be slower. For instance, if someone is healing from an injury and has diabetes at the same time, they may not be able to quickly respond to the prescribed treatment program. If you seek outpatient or occupational therapy in Los Angeles, the therapist will look at your medical history and prepare a customized treatment plan for you, based upon your specific needs.

3. Treatment Technique

Treatment technique and the therapist's expertise majorly affect the patient's recovery rate. If the therapy given to the patient is not relevant to the patient's issue, it might be more challenging for any individual to recover.

4. Adherence To Scheduled Sessions

Strictly following the treatment frequency and home exercise program suggested by the therapist is essential to get desired results. Therefore, being available for all appointments is crucial to maintain the pace of recovery. Following the therapist-recommended treatment protocol is essential to seeing results from any outpatient therapy services. Accessibility to the therapist becomes easier when you have the choice of getting treatment at home, avoiding the hassle of wasting time traveling long distances.

5. Dedication Of The Patient And The Therapist

There should be no communication gap between the patient and the therapist during treatment. Moreover, both the therapist and the patient should be reachable and responsive to each other's concerns. Together, they should decide on the treatment goals and start working towards them.

Recover Faster With Expert Therapists!

A little support can significantly aid the healing process. Therefore, A Plus Care LA provides a wide selection of individualized outpatient therapy services, such as mobile outpatient physical therapy and mobile outpatient occupational therapy. Your recovery process can move quickly and efficiently when you work with our therapist. Contact us today to take advantage of our outpatient therapy services.

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