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West Hollywood


A Plus Care LA Outpatient And In Home Therapy In West Hollywood

We are focused on providing our patients with the most elevated level of care. Our objective is to assist you by enhancing your quality of life and exceeding your expectations. Our in-home outpatient therapy in West Hollywood will assist you in healing from your wounds, illness, operation, or other mobility issues.

We provide in-home outpatient physical and occupational therapy to help your recovery and regain your independence. Our therapy can help you and your family overcome your health issues and recover the ability to live life to the fullest.

Our In-Home Therapy Services In West Hollywood

Outpatient Therapy


Are you tired of driving to the clinic for regular physical or occupational therapy sessions? No worries! A Plus Care LA is here to help you out. We provide personalized, one-on-one outpatient therapy in West Hollywood. We provide outpatient therapy sessions from the solace of your residence or place of work. Our outpatient therapists hold the expertise to combine various techniques to support you with a vast variety of physical health concerns. 


Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy Treatment in West Hollywood


Our Mobile Outpatient Physical therapy treatment in West Hollywood

is perfect for those who are homebound and find it challenging to commute for their weekly appointments or whose occupied schedule makes compliance with continuous outpatient clinic visits complex. Tired of wasting time in traffic or commuting to weekly appointments? No worries; we’ve got you covered! With our mobile outpatient therapy, we can treat patients suffering from multiple conditions—from patients recovering from surgeries to those suffering from balance issues or those with a new medical diagnosis.


Our in-home physical therapy provides similar care as you would get at a clinic, but is offered at home. All of our therapists provide private sessions, assuring you always have your therapist’s full attention. Our certified, qualified physical therapists are always there to help you improve your physical movement. Our outpatient physical therapy in West Hollywood services aim to maximize your movement potential and functionality by helping you overcome chronic or acute pain and help you maintain a healthy way of living.


Our Mobile Outpatient physical therapy clinic in West Hollywood can assist with the following:

  • Rehabilitation From Acute Post-Surgical

  • Provides Protection with Home and Community Mobility

  • Assist To Safely Leave Home Independently

  • Ease The Pain Of Bone-on-Bone Arthritis Issue

  • Poor Performance Related to Kidney Failure/Dialysis or Cancer

  • Assistive Device Training

  • Prehab/Rehab for Joint Replacement

  • Home Oxygen Management/Safety

  • Post-Hospitalization Rehabilitation

  • Pain (Hip, Knee, Back, Shoulder, Neck, Ankles)

  • Balance Disorders/Fall Prevention

  • And more


Mobile Outpatient Occupational Therapy in West Hollywood

With our physical therapy, our professional outpatient mobile occupational therapy for the elderly in West Hollywood is perfect for homebound people who find it difficult to commute to the clinic regularly. If you suffer from an illness or injury that prevents you from driving or you have a busy schedule that makes it challenging adhere to frequent outpatient clinic visits, this is the solution for you. Occupational therapy is crucial for patients looking for ways to better manage their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or who are recovering from surgery or a change in health status.


Our outpatient occupational therapists have years of experience elevating independence with day-to-day activities. If you find it challenging to cope with everyday activities like dressing, cooking meals, etc, our occupational therapists may suggest tips and a customized treatment plan to help you regain your independence with daily tasks.


These are some of the areas in which our mobile outpatient occupational therapists can assist you:


  • Help in using Toilet, and Bed Safely and Independently

  • Assist You While Getting Dressed

  •  Provide you support with ADL Training (Activities of Daily Living)

  • It helps with easing Fine Motor Control/Dexterity

  • Home/Work Modifications

  • Home Safety Inspection

  • Can help you with writing

  • Helps You With Enhancing Mobility

  • Self-Feeding

  • Assists you in gaining Strength & Balance through Training

  • Improved Sleep

  • Caregiver Training/Education

  • And much more.

A Plus Care LA’s occupational therapy for the elderly in West Hollywood

can help your loved one improve function and independence in their daily lives.

Move And Feel Better With Us!

Our outpatient therapy helps strengthen weak muscles, improve posture, increase strength, and more. Let A Plus Care LA help restore your optimum health with our trustworthy in-home occupational and physical therapy treatment in West Hollywood. We are sure to offer the highest level of care to help people achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.


Call for more information about our mobile outpatient physical therapy clinic in West Hollywood or mobile occupational therapy clinic in West Hollywood.


Regain your lost strength with us. Let A Plus Care LA restore your strength with the health care therapy sessions. Hurry and book your physical therapy treatment session in West Hollywood or occupational therapy treatment session in West Hollywood today!

Get In Touch With Us For Effective Therapy Sessions!

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