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Jefferson Park


Professional In-Home Health Care Service At Your Doorsteps

Our in-home health care service in Jefferson Park includes Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy and Mobile Outpatient Occupational Therapy. We focus on assisting individuals to regain optimal movement and function. 

Our services include orthopedic and outpatient physical therapy in Jefferson Park, aimed at restoring patients’ quality life. Contact us today to see how we can help you move and feel better.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

If you want outpatient physical therapy treatment services in Jefferson Park, consider connecting with A Plus Care LA! We offer exceptional care and assistance with trusted expertise to help you recover your optimum health. We strive to provide our patients with the best therapy treatments within the comfort of their homes.


Our mobile outpatient physical therapy clinic offers expert, skilled, and knowledgeable therapists who will help you manage chronic pain, mobility deficits, neuromuscular disorders, and recover more quickly from an injury or surgery. We aim to serve patients who want such assistance in the comfort of their homes and those who lack access to traditional outpatient clinics. Our outpatient physical therapy experts are here to assist patients in boosting their core strengths and managing chronic health issues. 


Our in-home, mobile physical therapy clinic in Jefferson Park can assist with the following: 

  • Acute Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Inability to Safely Leave Home Independently

  • Safety with Home and Community Mobility

  • Prehab/Rehab for Joint Replacement

  • Pain (Hip, Knee, Back, Shoulder, Neck, Ankles)

  • Balance Disorders/Fall Prevention

  • Poor Endurance Related to Kidney Failure/Dialysis or Cancer

  • Assistive Device Training

  • Post-Hospitalization Rehabilitation

  • Arthritis (Bone-on-Bone)

  • Home Oxygen Management/Safety

  • And more


Outpatient Occupational Therapy For the Elderly

If you are looking for at-home outpatient occupational therapy for elderly in Jefferson Park to eliminate the unwanted chronic pain, severe illness, and disabilities that make it tough to manage your daily tasks, consider contacting A Plus Care LA! Our outpatient occupational therapists assist you by helping you stay active, enhance your mobility, and make your daily life less painful and more convenient. 


We understand how challenging it is for people recovering from a severe illness, injury, or surgery to step out of the home for regular appointments. That's why A Plus Care LA provides our expert in-home health care service in Jefferson Park. We specialize in improving patients' independence to perform their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or those in the healing stage from a severe procedure.


These are some of the areas in which we can assist you in regaining your independence:


  • Getting Dressed

  • Getting In/Out Tub, Toilet, Bed Safely and Independently

  • Fine Motor Control/Dexterity

  • Home/Work Modifications

  • ADL Training (Activities of Daily Living)

  • Strength & Balance Training

  • Home Safety Inspection

  • Mobility Improvement

  • Self-Feeding

  • And much more

Speech Therapy - Coming Soon

A Plus Care LA will offer speech therapy as our professional in-home health care service in Jefferson Park to help patients improve their basic skills like swallowing, processing information, and communicating. We will be working with a group of expert and highly trained therapists, offering proficient and strength-based services to autistic individuals. 


SLPs have 6+ years of training with masters and/or a doctorate in speech-language pathology. Therapists will strive to provide quality and specialized therapy while caring for the patient's needs and requirements.


SLPs can assist with the following conditions:

  • Slurred Speech/Dysarthria

  • Dementia

  • Difficulty Swallowing/Dysphagia

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Expressive Aphasia

  • Memory Deficits

  • Cognitive & Aural Rehabilitation

  • Difficulty Comprehending/Dysphasia

  • Communication Skills & Voice Projection

  • Receptive Aphasia

  • And more


Call Our In-Home Health Care Service Providers To Assist You Today!

Let our trusted and certified professional at-home therapists assist you with their expert in-home health care service in Jefferson Park. Right now, we offer our mobile outpatient physical and mobile outpatient occupational therapy to help patients reach their optimum health, improve their quality of life, promote fast healing, and regain the independence to perform their daily activities. Get in touch with A Plus Care LA today to know more about our expert services!

Regain your lost strength with us. Let A Plus Care LA restore your strength with the health care therapy sessions. Hurry and book your physical therapy treatment session in Jefferson Park or occupational therapy treatment session in Jefferson Park today!

Get In Touch With Us For Effective Therapy Sessions!

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