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Relieving Neck Pain Through Physical Therapy Services

Updated: Jun 25

Neck pain is common nowadays, whether you are a working professional or an athlete. There are several reasons for this: poor standing posture, poor posture at work, poor sleeping posture, and more. Most of us rely on painkillers, which might cause side effects like acidity, constipation, and more. Instead of relying solely on painkillers, we have to look for effective solutions, i.e. physical therapy services At A Plus Care LA. 

Here, our main purpose of physical therapy is to enhance people's mobility, strength and functional abilities. Let's continue discussing how physical therapy helps relieve neck pain.

Relieving Neck Pain

A Plus Care Advice - The Best Physical Therapy Services For a Neck Pain

Generally, neck pain results from an individual work restriction. If you are a working professional, it hampers your productivity; if you are an athlete, it hampers your practice and competitiveness. Physical therapy can be a great solution to get relief from neck pain, and A Plus Care offers outpatient therapy in Westchester.

While we recommend seeking our professional rehabilitation services to address your neck pain, here are some common exercises that may help:

Chin Tuck

The chin tuck allows you to stretch muscles at the back of the neck, restoring motion to the neck and reducing pain associated with tightness and stiffness. Keep your face level, stare at the straight head, then draw your chin straight toward your neck. You’ll feel a slight pull on the back of your neck.

Neck Rolling

Rolling your Neck on your spine can help relieve the entire neck and allow pain-free and smoother movement. Our team can show you how to slowly and safely move your head forward to look down, to the side, back, to look at the ceiling and over to the other side before returning to a normal upright position. 

Head Tilt and Turn

This neck exercise involves tilting your head so ones ear nears your shoulder, slowly returning to an upright position, and tilting the other way. Our team may also ask you to turn your head slowly as far as possible to look to your left, then hold for a few seconds before turning the other way to look right.


Massaging the back, head, upper, and nape of the neck can help to reduce stiffness and pain. It loosens muscles that help to turn your head in either direction, so it’s a good modality to use before and after physical exercises.

Other Exercises

Our team may also recommend core exercises and aerobic activities. Additionally, they may suggest upper body motions to help loosen and strengthen muscle groups connected to your neck.

Embrace Physical Therapy Instead of Relying on The Pain Killers

Physical Therapy offers a natural way of curing many injuries or diseases and may get you permanent results. If you want more information and wish to enquire about the outpatient therapy services, call us or visit our website.

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