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Find Headache Relief With Physical Therapy

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

We all deal with different kinds of headaches throughout our lives, whether it's originating from eye strain, a bump on the head, or any other underlying conditions. Such aches can be painful and can decrease quality of life. However, with physical therapy in Los Angeles, we can control headaches to a certain extent. An expert therapist studies the thorough medical history of the patient to understand the source of such aches and determine a personalized treatment and exercise plan for them.

Headache Relief

Physical Therapy Exercises For Headache Relief

The intensity of headaches varies from individual to individual, and thus the treatment plan must also be tailored accordingly. Here we have outlined some of the common physical therapy exercises that are known to get you relief from severe headaches. Continue reading to know more.

1. Body Scanning For Tension Headaches

When we're stressed, our body stiffens, and tension builds up in the body leading to aches in different parts of the body. Outpatient therapy in Westchester specialists suggests that one way to get rid of these aches is to perform body scanning every few hours, especially in stressful situations. Take some time out to take slow and deep breaths and focus on relaxing the top of your shoulders or the tightness around your eyes.

2. Shoulder Strengthening For Migraines

Those suffering from migraines can get relief from pain by practicing and adopting proper posture supporting the head and neck. One way to develop and maintain the correct posture is by strengthening the muscles in the back of the shoulders. The most popular strengthening exercise is called" T." To do this, lay on the ground with your head facing down and stretch your arms out, making your body appear like "T."

3. Chin Tuck For Cervicogenic Headaches

Chin tuck is a great exercise for cervicogenic headache relief. It helps in body posture correction and alleviates the headache that stems from the neck. For this physical therapy in Los Angeles exercise, lay on the floor with your head flat, rotate your chin down, look towards your feet and feel the back of your head sliding up along the floor. Hold the posture for several seconds and then release and relax.

4. Upper Trapezius Stretching For Shoulder Relaxation

Our upper trapezius often becomes stiff and tightens by continuously hiking our shoulders. This stretch is quite effective in loosening the top of the shoulders. Start by standing upright and bringing your ear towards your shoulders, ensuring that none of your shoulders are hiking up to touch your ears. Take your right hand up and bring it over to the left side of your head and then gently pull your head to the right side.

5. Cat-Cow Stretch For Back And Neck Mobility

The occupational therapist in Beverly Grove suggests this stretch for improving back and neck mobility, especially for those sitting continuously for long periods at work. Begin by moving your knees under your hips and wrists under your shoulders, keeping your back flat and the abdominal muscles engaged. Inhale and exhale simultaneously, tucking the tailbone in and the chin towards the chest.

Get Relief From Headaches with Physical Therapy!

If the causes of your constant headaches are the muscles and the joints, physical therapy or occupational therapy may be exactly what you may need to get relief. A Plus Care LA is a certified healthcare provider and provides physical therapy in Los Angeles and Occupational Therapy in Los Angeles that may help you in getting relief from lingering muscle, joint, and headache concerns. Contact us to get assistance from physical therapists in pain relief.

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