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Arlington Heights

A Plus Care LA Outpatient And In Home Therapy In Arlington Heights

We are here to provide you with the highest level of care that will exceed your expectations. We will aid you in healing from your injury, illness, or surgery with our in-home, outpatient therapy in Arlington Heights. We provide in-home outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy to support your recovery and make you more independent. This therapy can help you or your loved one overcome your health concerns and restore their ability to live their life to the fullest.


Our Therapy Services In Arlington Heights

Outpatient Therapy


Don’t feel like driving to a clinic for your weekly physical therapy or occupational therapy sessions? Don’t worry! A Plus Care LA provides personalized outpatient therapy in Arlington Heights. We are here to provide you with therapy sessions from the comfort of your home or workplace. Our outpatient therapists hold the knowledge to combine various techniques to help you with a wide variety of physical health concerns. Help strengthen weak muscles, improve posture, increase strength, and much more with our outpatient physical therapy in Arlington Heights.


We can understand how challenging it is to deal with struggling to complete your daily activities. We are here to help you regain your independence with completing daily activities with our occupational therapy for elderly in Arlington Heights. A Plus Care LA is here to teach you how to handle everyday tasks, including personal care, work-related tasks, and other social activities.

Call for more information about our mobile physical therapy clinic in Arlington Heights or mobile occupational therapy clinic in Arlington Heights today! No doctor’s referral needed.

In-Home Health Care Service In Arlington Heights-Coming Soon

If you cannot go for weekly appointments or checkups outside your homes, we can provide you with our in-home health care service. We require a doctor’s referral for participation in our in-home health services. Your doctor will need to certify that you are homebound. Our home health care services in Arlington Heights is here to help people who cannot attend the clinic. This therapy is here for people who are homebound with limited mobility.

Regain your lost strength with us. Let A Plus Care LA restore your strength with the health care therapy sessions. Hurry and book your physical therapy treatment session in Arlington Heights or occupational therapy treatment session in Arlington Heights today!

Get In Touch With Us For Effective Therapy Sessions!

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